Pick Modules

Common issues surrounding distribution are the desires to improve order fulfillment productivity, reduce travel time, deliver smaller quantities on a more frequent basis and keep up with increasing SKU (Stock Keeping Units) counts. Utilizing multi-levels to make the best use of cubic space, Frazier Pick Modules increase the quality, accuracy and service of your distribution needs by optimizing your picking system.

Pick Modules

Optimize Picking

Used to increase SKU density, a Pick Module can combine pallet picking, carton flow and shelf picking all in the same area, all while utilizing a conveyor/WCS routing system to move orders. A well designed distribution center will use multiple technologies as islands of automation.

Picking Percentages

Picking makes up, on average, 63% of time spent with distribution. Of that percentage spent picking, 60% of it is spent travelling. In choosing FRAZIER’s Pick Modules you can reduce travel time by half, while also reducing staffing by a third.


  • Increase SKU density
  • Reduce travel time
  • Multi-level systems utilize building cube
  • Utilize conveyor/ WCS routing to move orders
  • Can combine pallet picking, carton flow and shelf picking in same area