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100% Structural Steel

FRAZIER has been producing 100% structural steel storage solutions for over 60 years.

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Our 2-Year rack damage warranty is top of the line.

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Our Canadian Locations

With manufacturing and sales locations, FRAZIER has a dominant presence in Canada

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Our Mexican Locations

FRAZIER’s reach extends all the way to Mexico, with both manufacturing and sales locations

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A regular in the trade show circuit, FRAZIER’s orange and blue booth cannot be missed

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History of Innovation

History of Innovation

A staple in the industry for decades, FRAZIER continues to lead the way in storage solution innovation

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Frazier Industrial Company - Structural Steel Storage Solutions

Warehouse Automation Can Change How You Do Things

Taking your warehouse efficiency to the next level by introducing ASRS systems can be the key to increasing productivity. Automating your warehouse processes not only allows you and your workers to work more efficiently, but will help you to maximize your warehousing capabilities. Frazier's industry-leading team has a proven record of accomplishment working closely with leading Automation Integrators for both free standing and rack supported building ASRS systems.

Providing Custom Racking Solutions for Decades

Frazier is the leading manufacturer of industrial storage racks in North America, with 10 manufcturing facilities across the United States, Canada and Mexico. With experience dating back to 1949, we have fine-tuned our design and manufacturing processes to provide you with the best when it comes to your warehouse racking system. We create superior quality structural steel solutions, including push back racking and flow systems, that can allow your warehouse to function at its best.

Pallet Rack Manufacturers You Can Count On

Frazier's focus is to make your day-to-day operations more efficient. Our industrial pallet racks are custom designed to meet the specific needs of your storage application. With our solutions, you can boost productivity and, in turn, spend more time focusing on your customers' needs.

Custom Built Racking Solutions

At Frazier, our racking systems are custom built to fit your warehouse configuration, allowing you to maximize and optimize your working space. Our systems are fully designed with convenience in mind, and our structural steel components means that your racking will be constructed for the greatest durability.

Frazier's racking systems are designed to increase the flow and productivity of your warehouse, giving you the ability to store and retrieve your products with ease.