Ergo Series®

FRAZIER’s Ergo Beams provide easy access to hard-to-reach cartons on lower shelf levels by creating an opening between pallet locations. In a similar manner, Ergo Deep allows the same access to products, but sits at an even lower level than the standard Ergo Beam.

Ergo Beams and Ergo Deep

Make Case Picking Easier

The Ergo Beam is a front shelf beam that is split into two separate curved beams that attach to the rear of the shelf beam. This creates an ample 16″ to 22″ opening for order pickers to access rear cartons. Sitting at a lower level than the standard Ergo Beam, FRAZIER’s Ergo Deep affords you the ability to store heavier objects, that require more leverage when lifting, without sacrificing the opening space for pickers to access products.

Improve Warehouse Productivity and Storage Efficiency

Ergo Beams and Ergo Deep Systems are great solutions to real problems for warehouse workers, providing:

  • Increased pick locations
  • Better storage utilization
  • Less product damage
  • Fewer worker injuries
  • Measurable improvement to warehouse productivity


  • Holds a standard GMA 48″ x 40″ pallet
  • Minimum 96″ for 16″ shelf openings and 102″ beams for 22″ openings
  • 3″, 4″, or 5″ structural channel
  • Capacity of up to 2,500 pounds
  • Options:
    1. Label-Ergo – Smooth surface with label protection beam
    2. Deep Reach – Sits at a lower level than standard Ergo-Beam to allow storage of heavier objects that require more leverage to lift
  • Can be retrofitted to existing pallet rack provided certain design criteria are met