Glide N’ Pick Cart®

FRAZIER’s Glide N’ Pick® is the patented pallet cart that gently rolls out from the shelf. This eliminates the need to climb onto the rack to get hard-to-reach items from the back of the pallet.

Glide N’ Pick Cart

Simple Order Selection

Just the touch of a lever releases FRAZIER’s Glide N’ Pick Cart® on its large, smooth rolling wheels. Upon rolling out, rear items being stored on the Glide N’ Pick® are now easy and safe to reach. With the ability to hold up to 3,000 lbs of weight, a Glide N’ Pick Cart® can be installed directly on existing shelf beams.

No Loss of Product

Because Glide N’ Pick® places hard to reach items at your fingertips, the margin of error for dropping products is drastically reduced. To stop items from falling behind the rack into the flue, Glide N’ Pick® also features a standard spring-loaded back rest and is easily retrofitted into an existing rack.

Learn more about Glide N’ Pick® storage systems by downloading our literature.

  • Increase available pick faces
  • Simplify slotting
  • Reduces worker injuries through ergonomic design
  • Reduces damaged products
  • Easily retrofits into existing shelf beams


Glide N’ Pick Cart® Glide N’ Pick Cart® Glide N’ Pick Cart® Glide N’ Pick Cart® Glide N’ Pick Cart®Glide N’ Pick Cart®