Inside the beverage industry, FRAZIER has decades worth of experience supplying rack to companies of all sizes – small businesses all the way up to Fortune 500 Companies. We understand that in the beverage world, logistics are centered around developing an effective order fulfillment system for items of varying SKU’s (Stock Keeping Units). Over the years, FRAZIER has applied unique storage solutions to meet the needs of our customers and to optimize the operations of their facilities.

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Frazier Industrial Company's Pallet Flow Racking Supports Pallets of Beverages

“By consolidating our distribution center operations and developing a highly integrated, sophisticated order-picking system, we were able to increase our storage capacity while dramatically improving productivity – The results are measurable.” – Gregg Lipp, Premier Beverage Company

“What really drove the decision was how fast we could effectively load the system and offload to the truck with a limited number of operators. With a 25-deep, 40-wide Pallet Mole® system only feet from the bottling line and the loading dock, we are extremely confident that we’ll reach our goal of twenty minutes per truck load in Kansas City.” – Bernie Zarda, Premium Waters