Inside the beverage industry, Frazier has decades worth of experience supplying rack to companies of all sizes – small businesses all the way up to Fortune 500 Companies. We understand that in the beverage world, logistics are centered around developing an effective order fulfillment system for items of varying SKU’s (Stock Keeping Units). Over the years, Frazier has applied unique storage solutions to meet the needs of our customers and to optimize the operations of their facilities.

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Frazier Industrial Company's Pallet Flow Racking Supports Pallets of Beverages

“I have worked with Frazier Industrial Company on various projects since 2005. I believe the quality of material and workmanship provided by their installers is second to none in the rack industry. I have purchased everything from simple Selective Pallet Rack to complex Pick Modules and AS/RS systems that utilize Frazier racking. I consider Frazier a key supplier partner for all of my racking and pick module requirements.” – Gregg Lipp,  Sr. Director of Engineering and Facilities – Breakthru Beverage Group, LLC