Pick Tunnels

Pick Tunnels are optimal where reserves are required for high volume, single level picking operations. Tunnels maximize warehouse storage space by cubic space utilization for loads.

Extra Storage Space

Unlike a Pick Module that can have multiple levels of picking, Pick Tunnels are designed for a single level. Above a Pick Tunnel’s single level, extra product can be stored over the picking aisles in either FRAZIER’s Pallet Flow or Glide-In® “Push Back” rack. This extra storage space can be easily accessed by the lift truck driving directly into the picking lines where Pallet Flow or Case Flow is available.

High Volume, High Density

Ultimately Pick Tunnels offer high density storage of slow moving or off-season products while increasing product throughput for alternate products. The storage area above picking aisles retains product for future use, while keeping it out of the way of products currently being picked. This reduces picking error, affording you the ability to maintain a high volume flow of product.

  • Offers storage area above picking aisles
  • Allows for the integration of either, or both, Pallet Flow and Glide-In® “Push Back” racking in the storage area above picking aisles
  • Maximizes warehouse storage space by cubic space utilization