Glide-In® “Push Back”

Glide-In or “Push Back” storage is unsurpassed for productivity, selectivity, density and economy. It is the system of choice for new and retrofit warehouse applications.

Glide in Push Back

Glide-In Easy!

Combining the high density of Drive-In racking and the selectivity of single-deep pallet rack, Glide-In® “Push Back” storage is FRAZIER’s patented system of enveloping wheeled carts that glide on sloping rails.

Push Back Gravity Feed

Glide-In® “Push Back” racking works by placing the first pallet on the top cart and pushing it back. This exposes the next cart for loading. When the second pallet is positioned and pushed back, the third cart is ready. This continues until all the pallet positions are filled.

The last pallet sits on the rail itself. When unloading, the front pallet is removed. Gravity moves all the pallets forward to the front for easy access. As each pallet is removed, the remaining pallets move down into position until completely unloaded and all carts are again in position for reloading.

Learn more about Glide-In® “Push Back” storage systems by downloading our literature.

  • Made from 100% Structural Steel
  • Highly resistant to abuse
  • Greater load bearing capacity
  • Level carts are welded with cross members that can support weak or damaged pallets
  • Carts envelope each other so that the cart is readily accessible at aisle face
  • Shaped carts use less steel, while allowing for denser storage
  • Each cart has 4 tapered wheels for less friction, which are lubricated to operate in a wide range of temperatures; each wheel has 16 ball bearings with dust covers
  • With bolted rack connectors, rigidity, strength and proper alignment are easy to achieve