The Pallet Mole®

Utilizing the latest technology in compact, high density storage, FRAZIER’s semi-automated Pallet Mole® systems optimize floor space while measurably increasing productivity.

The Pallet Mole

Dense Storage Adept

When it comes to choosing the best high density storage solution for your business, there are a number of critical factors to consider – cost, space availability, throughput and SKU (Stock Keeping Units) counts all play an important role in selecting the proper storage solution for your operation. The Pallet Mole offers the following advantages over traditional storage solutions:

  • Maximizes density over 6-high and 50 pallet positions deep
  • Increased productivity and selectivity versus traditional storage solutions
  • Ideal for both FIFO (First-In, First-Out) and LIFO (Last-In, First-Out) applications
  • Optimizes labor efficiency
  • Enhances accuracy of inventory control

In Control

The Pallet Mole runs underneath the pallet loads on rails, delivering and extracting pallets within a deep lane rack system. Working in either FIFO or LIFO applications, the Pallet Mole significantly improves throughput by indexing loads directly to the first pallet position at the aisle face. Using a RF controller, the operator can instruct the electro-mechanical platform to lift, lower, or shuttle pallets to the desired position; or program the system to run various predetermined functions.

  • High performance travel speed
  • AC driven technology
  • Patented pallet count system
  • Pallet shuffle function
  • Full two-way communication between Pallet Mole and controller device
  • 2 wheel and four wheel drive options
  • U.L. Certified
  • Built-In positioning control
  • Electro mechanical lifting system
  • Dual spacing system
  • Battery low function