Drive-In / Drive-Thru

Drive-In and Drive-Thru storage systems are free-standing, self-supporting racks that allow a vehicle drive-in access to products being stored.

Structural drive in rack

Drive-In Advantages

  • Provides a greater capacity in existing cubic space than any other storage method
  • Minimized pallet cost per square foot
  • Eliminates the need for warehouse expansion
  • Allows major cost savings utilizing existing lift equipment
  • Maximum productivity in Last-In, First-Out (LIFO) inventory control system

Drive-Thru Advantages

  • Similar to Drive-In, with the exception being that vehicles can access the rack from either side
  • Pallets can be stored from one side and retrieved from the other, enabling a First-In, First-Out (FIFO) inventory control system

Learn more about Drive-In/Drive-Thru storage systems by downloading our literature.

  • Can maintain 1″ adjustability on 3″ and 5″ beams and 1″ adjustability at 75% of locations with 4″ shelf beams
  • Bolted connections are strong at 360 degrees and are guaranteed against dislodgement, even from upward vehicle or pallet impact
  • Unlimited Two-Year Warranty against fork truck abuse