June 2, 2017
Frazier’s Customer Service Initiative Continues to Grow

Why choose FRAZIER? Besides our Flexible Manufacturing Network and over sixty-five years of experience in material handling, FRAZIER adds value for industry professionals via a Customer Service Program, centralized around each client’s specific needs. Customer service works closely with our Account and Project Management teams, to ensure your expectations are exceeded – our promise is to answer questions and address any inquiries in a timely manner.

Meet FRAZIER’s Team

Our Customer Service Team has over forty years of combined experience in establishing successful working relationships with clients.

Diane Domingues is FRAZIER’s Vice President of Marketing and Customer Service, a position she has held for five years. She offers over eighteen years of experience, and oversees the entire Customer Service Initiative from FRAZIER’S headquarters in Long Valley, New Jersey.

Tawny Massey is our Western Customer Service Associate, offering over twelve years of experience. Based out of our Selah, Washington location, Tawny has been servicing FRAZIER’S customers from our Midwest, Southwest and West Coast regions for four years.

Samantha Koundry, also residing in our Long Valley headquarters, is our Eastern Customer Service Associate. She has over ten years of experience in the customer service sector. As a counterpart to Tawny, Samantha has been responsible for serving FRAZIER’S Eastern, Southeast and National regions, since January of 2017.

Interactive Customer Experience

At FRAZIER, we know how frustrating it is to call a customer service line and receive a prerecorded greeting. When contacting FRAZIER for your Storage Solution needs, Diane, Tawny or Samantha will greet you personally as your own designated customer service representative. Each of them will be available to you during and after your purchase. You will receive their direct contact information, so you may connect with them at any time.

FRAZIER’s Customer Service is always expanding and evolving to meet clients’ needs. We are constantly seeking opportunities to improve our customers’ experiences with us. Do you have any suggestions? Please email us directly at customerservice@frazier.com or take our Anonymous Survey to share your thoughts!