A Frazier Pick Module featuring Pallet Flow racking.

In The News – Add Structure to Your Warehouse Storage Goals

Add Structure to Your Warehouse Storage Goals This May, Modern Materials Handling reviews how unsanctioned alterations and failure to address minor damage offers a great deal of risk to rack[…]

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In The News – Frazier’s Pallet Mole® Optimizes Storage Density for Nor-Am Cold Storage

Finding the Right Rack A thorough analysis of multiple racking solutions versus one another is the key to determining which is the most efficient for a given storage application. In[…]

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ProMat 2019 Recap: 70 Years of Frazier on Display

We hope you were able to join in on all the Frazier activity at ProMat 2019! Visitors experienced a blast from the past with Frazier as we celebrated our 70th[…]

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A 3-high Frazier Sentinel Selective Pallet Racking system stores beverage products.

In the News – “How Safe are Your Storage Racks?”

Industrial storage racks are one of the most intricate components of a warehouse. Productivity, storage density, throughput and more are dependent upon a fully functioning, properly used system. Because of[…]

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