October 14, 2016
SCIA Engineer Software Benefits FRAZIER Storage Solution Design

SCIA Engineer Software Benefits FRAZIER Storage Solution Design

SCIA Engineer, the latest in structural analysis software, has afforded FRAZIER Industrial Company the ability to advance our Standard Product Engineering efforts. Longstanding FRAZIER Professional Engineer Nathan Bissonnette has led the expedition towards using SCIA Engineer’s robust reporting system to improve the overall quality and extensiveness of our Storage Solution documentation.  Nathan, who specializes in seismic design at FRAZIER’s Santa Monica, CA location, has used SCIA Engineer for over a hundred projects of varying degrees since 2012. Click Here to view the webinar recording.

Frazier Industrial Company’s Nathan Bissonnette


SCIA Engineer Identifies Cost Savings

Traditionally, FRAZIER used the Effective Length Method (ELM) in our engineering practices; this method is based on idealized end conditions to calculate the design capacity of a column. The shortcomings of the ELM are that the true end conditions are rarely the same as the idealized end conditions, and that the method is only applicable to structures where the ratio of second-order drift to first-order drift is less than one and a half, as determined by sidesway buckling analysis. Storage rack structures are extremely lightweight relative to their contents, and it is not uncommon to have drift ratios in excess of two. Recently, FRAZIER has shifted towards using the Direct Analysis Method (DAM).

The DAM does not have restrictions on drift ratios; it can be used for all structures. To use the DAM, the engineer must account for the effects of slight material imperfections in their analysis (also known as P-delta effects), as well as have an accurate measure of the structures behavior. These tasks are most readily accomplished by computer modeling. Modeling of structures has gained popularity with the advancement of computer technology, and the DAM was incorporated into the main body of 14th Edition American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) Specifications, effectively replacing the ELM for steel structures. For many years FRAZIER’s product-specific beam-to-column connectors have been tested and evaluated by independent third parties. Now that data is incorporated directly into our SCIA software database to give precise measure of the drift levels.

SCIA Engineer’s 3D Modeling capabilities allow the engineer to utilize the DAM by streamlining the load inputs, standardizing the structural model and generating detailed visuals of deflections and member forces in a report format. According to Nathan this technology creates an unmatched, streamlined workflow that automatically generates accurate documentation. This documentation can be used to drive design decisions or to obtain a building permit. The flexibility of the 3D modeling environment allowed Nathan and our engineering team to customize and refine our checking processes, which has been invaluable due to rack components’ countless repetitions throughout a warehouse. The checking process enables us, amongst other things, to identify areas for cost savings.

Frazier’s SCIA Engineer Application Boosts Seismic Design

Beyond cost saving identification, SCIA Engineer has advanced FRAZIER’s Standard Product Engineering designs. For starters, its ability to include fully customized libraries has allowed us to catalog seismic information provided by the United States Geological Survey and incorporate seismic design coefficients via a simple lookup. Building Code requirements for seismic design of storage racks have become more stringent in recent years. The SCIA analysis accounts for all of the  code provisions, including redundancy requirements, vertical ground motions, distribution of seismic forces to the structure, and height to centers of the product load masses. Many rack installations now require 4 anchor baseplates, which was unheard of in the past. Thanks to our advanced analysis and testing, FRAZIER rack anchors remain positioned behind the aisle column and out of harm’s way to provide safe access for material handling equipment. These investments allow Frazier to quickly design and deliver  fully functional and code compliant storage solutions.  In addition, faster workflows enable FRAZIER to release orders to manufacturing more quickly to meet customer’s tight construction deadlines.

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