Roll-Formed versus Structural Steel

Why Choose FRAZIER?

The answer is simple: FRAZIER is the only company in the storage industry to use 100% hot-rolled structural steel in our rack systems. The benefits of structural steel over rolled steel are impressive:

Strength – With reinforced channel corners and thicker steel columns, structural steel can withstand far greater impact and hold more pounds per foot than rolled steel. Our bolted connections are recognized as the industry’s strongest connection method when compared to our competitors’ snap-on or tek-screw connections. Plus, our welding is AWS-certified, the toughest welding criteria in the industry.

Lower Cost – The greater durability of structural steel means longer life with less damage. With lower repair and replacement costs, Frazier products give you greater cost savings over the long term.

No Downtime – Damaged uprights retain approximately 90% of their original load capacity and can be repaired on-site.

Our Standard Two-Year Warranty – This unparalleled warranty assures you of our complete confidence in our products.

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 Sentinel Selective Storage Racks
Sentinel Selective Storage Racks Sentinel has been the industry standard for Structural Single-Selective Pallet Rack Storage for over 50 years.

10  manufacturing facilities throughout the US allows us to quickly meet requirements of any sized project at the lowest possible cost.

Unlimited 2-year warranty against fork truck abuse!

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 The Pallet Mole
The Pallet Mole Semi-Automated Deep Lane Storage

With the latest technology in compact, high-density storage, the Pallet Mole optimizes floor space while measurably increasing productivity.

The Pallet Mole is an ideal storage solution for a variety of storage, distribution and manufacturing applications.

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 Glide-In “Push-Back” Storage  Drive In / Drive Through
 High Density Storage Rack
Glide-In Push-Back Storage FRAZIER's patented concept of enveloping carts provides the high density of Drive-In and the selectivity of single deep rack... the FRAZIER system dominates the industry.

Drive-In / Drive-Thru Storage Rack Structural steel and the innovative "Space-Saver Arm" design provide the adjustability, durability and safety for Drive-In applications.
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 SelecDeck Case Flow Systems  Klamp/Fast Cantilever Racks
SelecDeck Case Flow Systems This product was developed specifically to resolve customer complaints with traditional case flow products.

With Selecdeck, you don’t have to worry about wheels popping off, tracks falling out, carton hang-ups or long delays in reprofiling your system.
Klamp/Fast Cantilever Racks Klamp/Fast's infinitely adjustable arms offer unequaled flexibility for storing flat, long, or hard-to-handle items.
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 Glide ‘N Pick Cart  Pre-Engineered Solutions
Glide ‘N Pick Cart
The patented pallet cart that pulls out, bringing the product to the order picker.

Pre-Engineered Solutions The secret of FRAZIER'S success is that all design, engineering and construction specs are already determined in advance for you.
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 Rack Supported Structures  Belt Systems
Rack Supported Structures The superiority of structural steel and the experience of FRAZIER in design and engineering have made us the leader in customized rack- supported construction. Belt Systems More that just a system, Frazier "Pick-to-Belt" is actually an expertly engineered "structure" designed for maximum storage and ergonomically efficient order fulfillment.
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 Frazier Design-Build  Safety Accessories
Frazier Design-Build For new construction or retrofitting an existing facility, FRAZIER's single-source Design/Build technology totally integrates construction and materials handling to create a "turnkey" storage facility.
Safety Accessories Protect your employees and products with these safety accessories.
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